Would Newcastle Want To Play In Europa League Again?

Newcastle struggled mightily in the Europa League last season, simply because the squad was not big enough or good enough to play two games most weeks, and Alan Pardew has again talked about the league today.

alan pardew under pressure after everton debacle

Alan Pardew – not keen on Europa League

Alan says that it is unfair on clubs to be asked to play on a Thursday night and then on the following Sunday, but if ever make the Champions League again, as we did under both Bobby Robson and Kevin Keegan, we’d have to play on Wednesday nights and then  on Saturday or Sunday.

Alan talked about the Europa League, which is a lot of hard work for very little reward, at least in terms of money:

“I think it is a difficult competition for Premier League clubs, and I’ve always said that”   “I do not think it is fair that in the modern game, with the physical demands there are, players are expected to be playing Thursday night and Sunday.”

“It is tough, and tough on Spurs, but the advantage they have over us last year is numbers, quality numbers and experience as well.”  “As a squad, they have a lot more experience of Europe than we had, and that goes for the staff as well.”

“That gives them a slightly stronger hand. But hopefully it should help us, and I am not going to say that it doesn’t.”  “They’ve got so many players to choose from, and they certainly have the depth of squad to make them serious contenders for Europe,”

It will be interesting to see what happens if Newcastle do qualify for the Europa League again, because to be successful in that competition there are a lot of games, and then some of the Champions League clubs who are unsuccessful in the top competition, drop down to the Europa League, which is a bit bizarre to say the least.

There’s not much money to be made in the Europa League, and we worked out last season the clubs get about 1/7 of what the Champions League teams get – and they can make over £30M for participating and having good runs in the top European league.

But if we do qualify for the Europa League again, we would need to fortify the squad to ensure we can ensure a decent run in Europe and not be also fighting relegation, like we were last season.

It gives Newcastle some prestige to play in the Europa League if not much money.

What do you think?