These Opportunities Don’t Come Around Very Often

Not surprisingly Alan Pardew is aiming for a win against Norwich City on Saturday, and in his press conference today, he has mentioned how in the last eighteen months.

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Alan Pardew celebrates the great win against Chelsea

If Newcastle can get a home win against Norwich City, after beating Chelsea at home and Tottenham away n the last two league games the Newcastle will have three league games in a row, and that’s something we didn’t achieve throughout last season.

This is what Alan Pardew said in his press conference today:

“We’ve got ourselves in a poised position – now we need to capitalise on that, something we’ve not done well in the last 18 months.”

“If we win we can put ourselves right in the mix. For us, it’s a great opportunity and we don’t want to pass on those opportunities. They don’t come around very often in the Premier League.”

“We’ve got a home game against a side that are off the back of a win.”  “If we get ourselves in a good place with 50,000 – I expect a full house on Saturday – that’s going to make a big advantage and we need to make sure we carry that through.”

This is the easiest of these three games, and therein lies the rub.

Newcastle can beat the top teams in the land, but then we can lose against one of the weaker sides, and we’ve already done that by losing 3-2 at home to Hull City earlier in the season,  and that came after we had won a League Cup game and two Premier League games in succession.

And it’s also true that if we do lose on Saturday it will be a huge disappointment for Newcastle fans everywhere.

We hope that doesn’t happen.

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