In Europe You Play Two Games A Week – No Complaints

It’s not the first time that Alan Pardew has questioned the value of the Europa League for Premier league sides, but if Newcastle want to become a top team again we’ll need to get used – and get good at – playing two games a week when we qualify for European competition.

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Alan Pardew – Europa League is a massive problem

Alan Pardew has explained that Newcastle do indeed want to get back into Europe:

“We want to be back in Europe.” “But I do think clubs are thinking twice about Europe. If you ask the Swansea Chairman or the Spurs Chairman about whether it’s something that’s worked for them, I don’t know what their answer would be but I’ve got a good idea.”

“The Europa League is a massive problem to Premier League teams, Swansea and Tottenham are both feeling that like we did last season. I don’t think the Premier League and UEFA should get together and look at it because the demands on our teams are greater than in other countries.”

“It’s something we’re wary of, we’ll say that now, but we’re chasing a Europe spot and that’s what we want to get.” “The evidence is there that the Thursday to Sunday is not fair. I think it’s different for us than the other European nations.”

If Newcastle are not good enough to get back into the Champions League, then we’ll have to make the best of it in the Europa League, and do very well in it.

And at the same time we need to keep up our challenge to finish high up in the Premier League.

That’s what the big clubs have to do, and the sooner we get used to it – and accept it – the better it will be for Newcastle.

And UEFA will certainly not give the Premier League clubs any special treatment because our schedule is the hardest of the European leagues – why should they?

And if they did five special treatment then the other leagues would just appeal that.

We’ve done very well with Faye Downey overseeing the training,  and if do make Europe for next year, then Faye will again become a key cog in the wheel for Newcastle, and to think for the last few weeks we haven’t had one injury in the squad.

That’s a huge improvement from last season.

What do you think?

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Note – One of our readers Shaun is a season ticket holder, but is not in Newcastle for the holidays – he has a spare ticket for the Stoke game and can be contacted at and on twitter at sean4eva09.

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