We’ve Been Terrific In The Second Half Of The Year

In a year when Newcastle fans were more than fearful  in case we were relegated for the second time in four years, this season has been a return to how we did two years ago when we finished 5th, and if we do as well as did in the first half of the season, then  we’ll end up with 66 points, which is one point more than we had two years ago.

alan pardew dejected

Alan Pardew and the fans went through some tough times earlier this year
But we managed to stay in the Premier League and now we are doing great

With the year ending tomorrow, and then a game at the Hawthorns on Wednesday afternoon against West Brom, Alan Pardew has looked back on the year of ups and downs in the local press today:

“We have had the quarter-finals of the Europa League which I thought we should have won.” “We had a sticky time in the league. Yet in the second half of the year we have not had the pressure of the Europa League and we have been terrific.”

“I could not have asked for any more from the players than what they have given me. They have given me absolutely everything.” “I feel for them after this defeat because they deserved something, the ones who were out there.”

“We just have to try and do the best we can and 33 points at this stage is a great effort – but we can replicate that.” “We have sprinkling of fantastic players here and we need them all fit and that has been probably the secret to where we are now.”

It really has been a remarkable turnaround for Newcastle this season, and while it’s not popular to praise the Newcastle manager Alan Pardew, the Londoner has gone through hell and high water at Newcastle this year – yet he’s finished the year with one of the best starts we’ve had in the league since Bobby Robson was the manager back in 2003, and that cannot be bad.

And whatever you think of Alan’s coaching abilities, and Alan had his detractors with some of the Newcastle fan base,  one thing that cannot be argued with,  is this man is as tough as nails mentally.

And since we even struggled at the start of this season, there’s some logic to say we could do even better than the 33 points we picked up in the first 19 games of the season, since the side is now settled and playing well, and what is certain is that things are looking up at Newcastle.

Now we need Joe Kinnear and Mike Ashley to bring in two top players (at least) in the January transfer window – they need to do their part and help the manager.

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