It Was A Mistake To Sell Yohan Cabaye This Month

Newcastle United  have certainly been weakened by the loss of Yohan Cabaye tp PSG – Yohan is having a medical today and the transfer could be completed before the day is out – unfortunately.

Yohan Cabaye scores against ManU_3047906

Yohan Cabaye – gone to PSG

Cabaye will be a huge loss to the side for the rest of the season, and it begs the question as to how important it is to the owner Mike Ashley that Newcastle finish high up in the league table,  when for the second time in three years Newcastle have sold one of their best players mid-way through the season.

Most good clubs don’t sell their best players in January, as Newcastle are now finding out, when they have been told their number one target to replace Yohan – Clement Grenier of Lyon – is simply not available this month.

Why couldn’t Newcastle have just told PSG that Yohan Cabaye was not available in January, but for the second time in three years, it’s a self-inflicted wound – after we did exactly the same thing three years ago when we sold Andy Carroll to Liverpool.

We shouldn’t be at the mercy of these big clubs – rich and powerful clubs to quote Alan Pardew –  coming in and having to accept their offers for our best players.

And when will Newcastle ever be a top side again, if we continue to sell our very best players – last January it was Demba Ba, who went to Chelsea.

We could have sold Yohan in the summer, and used his services for the rest of the season, and allow him to help Newcastle finish high up in the league table.

And then there would have been players more readily available in the summer, and certainly a lot more than there will be in the next four days, that’s for sure.

And Yohan could have a great World Cup, and his transfer fee could have gone up over the summer.

Unless the leadership at Newcastle starts to think more about the team than simply the finances of the club – we’ll never be as good as we were under Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby Robson, when we were regularly a top four club in England.

And that’s not even an opinion – that’s what the facts and the actions of Mike Ashley over the last three years are telling us.

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