Newcastle Sending Terrible Message To Top Players

In case anybody thought that owner Mike Ashley has big ambitions for Newcastle United, fans will have seen once again that all the owner is interested in is the money side of the game, and he got £20M for the club with the sale of our best player Yohan Cabaye to PSG, and paid out maybe £1M for the half season loan deal of Luuk de Jong from Borussia Monchengladbach – and so the club is £19M better off financially – but £19M worse off as far as class goes.

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Ashley and Kinnear – the leaders at Newcastle – one’s picking his nose

Yohan was our best player, and the team revolved around him, and Newcastle have weakened their side in the January transfer window and how many other Premier League clubs did that?

It’s like going to a gym and becoming less fit after you have exercised – because surely the purpose of the transfer window is to improve the squad – not to make it worse.

But it’s very clear to everybody now, that Newcastle are going nowhere fast with Mike Ashley, and Yohan Cabaye cannot even be blamed for going to a club with huge ambitions, and a club that will play regularly in the Champions League – players of Cabaye’s class deserve that.

And there is a message in what Newcastle have done in the last two transfer markets – that we will find it hard to gain Champions League anytime soon.

At least six English clubs and maybe even more soon, have money invested in them by their rich owners and are growing quickly as Newcastle basically stands still on the financial and playing side.

Players like Mathieu Debuchy, Moussa Sissoko and others, who may become big players at Newcastle, will know they will need to move on to have their dreams fulfilled – because they cannot fulfill them at Newcastle.

So as players get better at Newcastle, there is a certain level that once they attain that, they become too good for us and will be sold for big bucks – that seems to be Ashley’s strategy, which is good on the financial side, but not at all good on the playing side.

That will be the case at least until the leaders of Newcastle want to make us into a top four side again – and that’s not been the case over the last six and a half years.

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