With Joe Gone – Newcastle Will Keep This Striker

With Joe Kinnear now gone from his role as Director of Football at Newcastle, we feel sure that Papiss Cisse will be going nowhere, even though some Russian clubs, whose transfer window is still open, want to take him away from Newcastle.

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Papiss Cisse will not be leaving Newcastle – not this month anyway

The sudden dismissal of Joe Kinnear late last night has helped to clear the air just a little bit, and hopefully will take some pressure off Alan Pardew this week – not because he’s the first manager in 91 years to lose three times in a row – he will always get pressure because of that – but because Alan had nothing to do with the debacle that happened last week in the January transfer  market.

But the press have been killing the messenger.

We are quite sure Alan Pardew is as furious with Kinnear as the fans are – that Yohan Cabaye was sold and then not replaced.

But of course being the spokesman of the club, he had to at least try to defend what happened, and he didn’t make a good job of it.

But fans have to remember the awkward – very awkward – position he was in.

When I was still at IBM I had to defend some decisions to customers made by executives  higher up the food chain at the company, and it can be very uncomfortable – but you have to defend the company’s position, even though at times it may not make much sense.

We notice some fans say that Alan should have told the press what he was really thinking, but can you imagine the rumpus if Alan had said something like

“Well, I told Joe he had to get a replacement in – but he didn’t – so we are now screwed for the rest of the season – he’s useless and  I’m furious about it all.”

That would have given the papers exactly what they wanted –  a huge embarrassing crisis at the club – once again – they’d love it – and it’s bad enough as is stands at the moment, after all that happened last week and on Saturday.

But the very fact that Mike Ashley fired Joe, tells us there’s just no way he will let Papiss Cisse leave – even for £10M – and we hope we’re right on that.

Newcastle need a new beginning, and we really hope that Ashley will alter his ways as to how he runs the club – but it’s hard to see how that’s possible.

But there was a new five year plan I read yesterday, and if  Mike can do some of that stuff – that would be great. 😀

What do you think?

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