This Is The Big Mistake Newcastle Made With Cabaye

Yohan Cabaye is now at PSG, and Newcastle fans are wondering how we lost such a skilled player – around which the team has operated this season, and we didn’t even replace him.

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Yohan Cabaye – left in mid-season

It seems that Joe Kinnear has paid for that piece of incompetence, in not bringing in a replacement last month, and he was fired on Monday night, but why he was ever appointed is a good question.

Anyway, that’s the only good news we’ve had in a while.

When  Joe was appointed we said he was never cut out to be an executive anywhere, and that’s the position of Director of Football, and Joe failed even though he told us he could pick up the phone and talk to any manager in the world – and on the moon for that matter.

He talked a good game but like many people like that – could never get anything done.

After reviewing what seems to have happened with Yohan, Newcastle’s big mistake was to agree with Cabaye last August, that if a good offer came in for him in January they would let him go.

That was a foolish move by the club because Cabaye thought the £11M Arsenal offered was good enough, it was over twice what Newcastle paid for him.

And it would only take an improved offer, maybe just £15M for Cabaye to have an excellent case that Newcastle must let him go.

It seems Newcastle got a decent deal at £20M plus £3M in add-ons, but that fee is certainly not on the magnitude of the fee we got for Andy Carroll – a massive £35M.

That’s the mistake Newcastle made, and if it was Joe who agreed to that deal to sell Cabaye if a decent bid came in – it shows you just how hopeless his negotiations skills really were.

He put Newcastle in a hopeless position in January if an improved bid came in for Cabaye – and of course it did, and don’t think PSG didn’t know about the agreement.

We couldn’t have kept Cabaye past this summer, but it’s embarrassing to have sold him in January with no replacement.

On the positive side Joe has now gone, and like Elvis, he’s left the building, so hopefully we’ll now do a lot better in this summer’s transfer window.

Here’s hoping.

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