Newcastle Reveal Why They Sold Yohan Cabaye

The minutes of the third Fan’s Forum meeting are now available, and there are one or two interesting responses from the club, and we already covered one – where the club now say that Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct company gets all the free advertising, because of his £129M interest free loan he’s made to the club – and that was a different response from the previous one, that said the club were waiting for new advertisers to come forward.

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Yohan Cabaye – sold in January

They really need to get their story straight, and it doesn’t seem to us that the loan is free from Ashley, with all that world-wide advertising he gets in return.

And of course a  question was asked about the selling of Yohan Cabaye, and whether that could be prevented – and here is the official response from Newcastle:

“The board repeated that the player was adamant he wanted to leave. The board also explained that the player could not be sure the opportunity to join PSG would be available at a later date and he therefore wanted to take it.”

“The club’s preference was to keep the player and for him to remain at the club long term.”

Newcastle have to realize that top players will continue to want to leave the club when our ambitions are only to be a top ten club in England.

If we are to get players as good as the likes of Yohan Cabaye and Demba Ba to stay on Tyneside, we have to be in Europe, and preferably the Champions League.

And the follow-up questions was what happened with Cabaye’s replacement – there wasn’t one – and this is the response from the club:

 “The board suggested that if it was to be self-critical, it should have had a young player who could naturally step into the squad as it aims to in all positions.”

“In respect of the transfer, the board explained that the club did not want to sell the player. However, the player was adamant he wanted to leave.”

“The club made a substantial bid for a replacement but an agreement could not be reached with the prospective selling club. The club also pursued other options but particular clubs were unwilling to sell.”

“The board explained that the January window is disruptive for clubs and that there are far more options available to it in the summer window.”

With any decision involving personnel, the company always takes priority – and not the employee – so tough luck if Yohan wanted to leave and maybe the PSG deal would not be available in the summer – Newcastle have suffered because of that really dumb decision.

The needs of the business must come first.

And a way of looking at that second response is that other clubs were not as daft as Newcastle, and didn’t want to sell their best players half-way through the season, when they probably couldn’t get in a suitable replacement.

It seems that only Newcastle sell their best players in January, admittedly for ridiculously high fees, but then fail to replace them.

And just to show it’s no accident, Newcastle have now done that twice – once with Yohan and once with Andy Carroll – all in  a short three years..

It’s simply ridiculous, and shows that at Newcastle money talks and the football on the field takes a distant second place.

That’s the truth.

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