Pardew Needs To Get Serious But Fair Punishment From FA

The Mirror is reporting that Alan Pardew could get a stadium ban through the end of the season next week when the three man FA commission meets with Pardew and his legal team, , but ever since he tamely (but wrongly) head butted David Meyler eight days ago, the English press have been talking about what would be huge bans for Alan Pardew, and most of them being discussed are simply unfair.

alan pardew after red card

Alan Pardew in the stands – who’s been a bad boy then?

The truth is the English press would just love it (to use Kevin Keegan;s words), if Alan did get a huge ban – but it isn’t warranted.

A precedent seven years ago was set by Rushton & Diamonds manager Garry Hill, who was charged by the FA for headbutting Salisbury City manager  Tommy Widdrington, and  he broke his nose in the process, so that was much more vicious than Alan’s leaning his head into Meyler’s face.

Hill was banned from football for two weeks, and also got a 10-match touchline ban and a £500 fine.

But he was also charged by the police and found guilty of ABH (actual bodily harm) at Salisbury Magistrates Court, and had to pay a £1,500 fine and £1,000 in compensation.

Humberside police have already said they will not  prosecute the Newcastle manager and Meyler was not injured in the melee, and the Hull player didn’t want any police investigation, as Pardew hardly touched him and an apology was enough for Meyler.

So the penalty should be less than a 10 match touchline ban.

The other potential precedent is the one we brought up last week of former Kidderminster manager Mark Yates, who head-butted  Exeter City manager Lee Elam after a Conference game – again in 2007 – there must have been something in the water in that year.

Yates got a four-match touchline ban, and a £350 fine – and it was a much more vicious headbutt than was Alan Pardew’s.

So if you take those two cases, in no way should Pardew get a stadium ban, and should get maybe a six game touchline ban, and a huge fine –  Pardew gets well paid at Newcastle and he needs to be punished – but fairly punished.

And this is not defending Pardew in any way – it’s simply trying to come up with what would be a fair sentence, given the furor that’s been going on in the English press ever since the altercation happened.

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  • Toon Tang

    Mar 9, 2014 at 9:59 AM

    Comment #1

    Stadium ban eh, pards will just have to do his bullying as the opposition get off the team bus.

    Can imagine pards waiting round the players entrance looking to headbutt someone.

  • lesh

    Mar 9, 2014 at 10:33 AM

    Comment #2

    Of course the Hull player didn’t want any police investigation, as Pardew hardly touched him and even that was the result of Meyler’s violent shove on Pardew.

    Six of one and half a dozen of the other here and Pardew need to offer Meyler’s shove as provocation in the form of assault.

    Pardew was out of order but the press really should strike a balance. That though doesn’t sell papers!


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