Newcastle United Get Blasted By Player’s Mother

Dan Gosling’s mother Hilary has today criticized Newcastle United for not supporting her son when he was out injured – after he first arrived at Newcastle in the summer of 2010 – and had nothing else to do – but gamble.

dan gosling wonga st mirren

Dan Gosling – in action for Newcastle

Dan Gosling admitted an FA  charge of betting earlier this week, and that relates to Rule 8B of the FA rules, and like Alan Pardew before him, he will seek a personal hearing .

This is what Dan’s mother Hilary has said today from Devon:

“No one from the club came and supported him when he was laid up,” “He said he will learn his lesson and that he only did it because there was nothing better for him to do.”

“Dan admits that he was stupid and was betting out of boredom more than anything else.”  “He couldn’t even walk with his knee injury and the online betting firm were fine while he was losing.”

“He is fine in himself, he said he will take what is coming to him and knows he has been stupid.”  “He lost loads and the money he did win he has given away – so he is the loser in the end.”

“I feel sorry for Dan but I am right behind him all the way.”

It’s always natural that mothers protect their kids – even when they are grown up – and indeed our best references tend to come from our mothers – mine did. 😀

So we can understand Mrs Gosling’s frustration at Newcastle, but Dan also is a grown man now – and needs to take his punishment for something he shouldn’t have been doing.

But from what we’ve seen of Dan since he has been charged by the FA – that seems exactly what he is prepared to do – and good for him.

At least he knows he’s still got his mother’s support, and that’s always great to see.

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