Pardew Talks About Calls John Carver Needs To Make

Alan Pardew has talked tonight about what things will be different for John Carver in the next three games, and the Newcastle manager knows that John has to control himself tomorrow, and the Newcastle assistant manager can be combustible at times.

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John Carver – takes charge for next three games

This is what Alan Pardew has said about John Carver’s role during the next three games:

“John’s naturally vocal in the changing room so that’s not going to change,”  “The change for John will be that we can’t predict Fulham’s exact team.”

“So at 2;00 pm that team will come in and John’s going to have to make a couple of tactical calls” “Our predictions are usually 99% right, but there’s always one or two players who might come in and surprise you.”

“John will have to decide what to do about them.”  “Some of the reporting about myself and my team was over the top after Hull,” “But, having said that, we can’t say we’ve been totally innocent, even before this incident.”

“So we all need to address our behavior. My staff all need to watch themselves.”

And it seems that John will be the one making any changes on the field, like the substitutes etc, as it looks like Alan will not bother calling in any changes, although it seems he’s allowed to do that.

But tomorrow’s the very first time Pardew will have been on a stadium ban, and few managers in England have even been given that punishment.

So maybe they can learn from what happens in tomorrow’s game, and then use that experience in the next two games – both at home against Crystal Palace and Everton.

What do you think?

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