Newcastle Getting Nowhere Under Mike Ashley’s Ownership

Mike Ashley attended four games in a row after manager Alan Pardew got himself banned for seven matches after headbutting David Meyler at Hull City on March 1st, and as an example of how that was global news – in our local Raleigh, NC paper over here last week – up turned a photo of Pardew with the news story about how he had headbutted an opposing player due to the stresses of modern-day sports.

laughing mike ashley

Mike Ashley – more involvement at Newcastle

My wife Madeline pointed it out, so fans should know that was global news around the world, and hardly reflects well on Newcastle United – but you already knew that.

And with Mike Ashley attending more games and now officially being part of the Newcastle Board, it remains to be seen whether that will be good news or bad news for Newcastle fans.

This is what manager Pardew has said today:

“I think he’s taking a closer hold of the club, maybe, and I think that’s a good thing.” “He’s obviously been at the games, and he’s seen for good or bad what we are at the moment.”

“I think he has a good knowledge of football, and good experience now. You have to say that he’s an experienced owner, and I’d like to think that in the summer, we can make the right decisions.”

“There’s getting to be a bigger gulf between the top teams and the teams just under,” “I think that’s a cause for concern, and I think they’re going to get stronger.”

“And that’s something ourselves, Everton, Aston Villa and Southampton are really having to be clever about to try and stay with them.”

This is a watershed summer transfer window for Newcastle, and while Lee Charnley said usually one or two players would be brought in each year, we will have a lot of players leaving this summer who will need to be replaced – and we think six or seven good players could come in,

We hope six or seven good players will come in over the summer. 😀

But the truth is that Newcastle don’t seem to be getting anywhere with Mike Ashley as owner, other than financially we are doing very well – but on the pitch we haven’t made progress.

And our best position in the Premier League was 5th two years ago, and as bad as things have been this year, this will still be our second best position in the league under Mike Ashley, who has owned the club for nearly seven years.

And in that time we have qualified for Europe only once,  and been relegated from the Premier League five years ago. 🙁

That’s simply not good enough for a club with the history and fan support of Newcastle United – not good enough at all – and that’s not even an opinion – it’s what the facts show to be true.

Whoops – I think I’m going to be sick.

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