I’ll Go On Trying To Win Until I’m Told Not To

One of the things that’s always been true of Alan Pardew is that he is a confident man – a person who has supreme confidence in his own abilities, even when things are not going well – which is the case at Newcastle at the moment.

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Alan Pardew – under pressure

Newcastle have now lost four games on the trot and failed to score in any of them, and in our last 16 league games we have lost 11 and failed to score in 12 of them – and that’s just a terrible record in anybody’s book. 🙁

And we have to remember that last season we had a run of 10 defeats in 13 league games – so it’s not like we are coming off a good season,  because we just avoided relegation last May.

The first half of the season went well – very well – and we picked up 33 points in our first 18 league games, and that’s saved us this season, otherwise we’d be like Sunderland and fighting relegation for a second successive season.

Alan Pardew has talked today at length about his relationship with the Newcastle fans, and it’s not good and the fans are not happy:

“I was in the city this week and a little boy standing next to my car had a sticker on him saying ‘Pardew Out’ and his friend was taking a picture of him. I waved at the little boy.”  “You’ve got to put up with things like that at times like this.

“My relationship with the fans has suffered. Their mentality towards me is not good at the moment. I’m in a precarious position with them but you can’t go through a managerial career and not experience something like this.”

“You have to understand this club has a religious fervor and it goes to extremes,” “I don’t think that will ever change.”

“Newcastle United is a club where you live and die by results and we’ve had four straight defeats so I’m in the doghouse at the moment … but life goes on.”

“I’ve been talking to Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley about various matters other than the immediate problem. Transfers, the summer schedule. So although we know Saturday’s result is very important, the work goes on.”

“I don’t think of a worst case scenario,”  “I don’t have those negative things in my mind. I’m focusing only on winning against Swansea. You have to work to win the next game until you are told not to.”

One thing in Alan’s favor is that the owner took our best player away from the side in January – Yohan Cabaye – and that was another bad mistake by Mike Ashley.

Ashley didn’t replace Yohan and Joe Kinnear was then fired in early February, after a simply disastrous eight months as the Newcastle Director of Football.

Losing Yohan Cabaye could yet save Pardew his job, but there again if we lose the last four games, there’s going to be even more frustration and anger from the fans, who will want a change in management at the end of the season.

So these last four games are important and it’s also important we still finish as high up as possible in the league.

8th top is the best we can do, but if we allow both Stoke (3 points behind) and Crystal Palace (6 points behind) to overtake us – that could be the thing that will finally cost Alan Pardew his job at Newcastle.

A win today would go a long way towards that scenario not happening.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

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