Newcastle Were Just Two Points Behind Liverpool

There’s not much good news around about Newcastle United at the moment, and after sitting pretty on Boxing Day when we had 33 points from our first 18 games, and we were in 6th place, one point behind Everton, two points behind Liverpool and only 4 points behind Chelsea –  we have collapsed since then, and are now in  9th place with a decent possibility we will sink to 11th place.

fabricio coloccini at stoke 1-0

Fabricio Coloccini – must start playing as a team

At that time after we had slaughtered a 9 man Stoke side 5-1, we were 17 points ahead of Crystal Palace and 12 points ahead of Stoke City, but both those teams could now catch us – and if that happens it seems that Alan Pardew could lose his job.

Fabricio Coloccini has been talking in the local press about things, and this is what he had to say yesterday:

“It’s not been good enough.” “We are trying to win every game but our current form is not good enough. The fans are angry – we have to accept that.”

“When you are not playing well, this is what happens.” “Recently we’ve been missing some players through injury like Loic Remy, Mathieu Debuchy and Moussa Sissoko.

“It will be good to have them back once they are fit, they are top players.”  “But if you are playing badly then it doesn’t matter who is in your team.”

“We have to start playing like a team again. We want to finish as high up the table as possible and want to finish with some wins for the supporters.”

Since Boxing day in our 17 league games we have only 13 points  – 4 wins and a draw – and are bottom of the league in those games, and Liverpool are top – and in those 17 games Liverpool have gained 32 points on us – almost 2 points a game. 🙁

We could go on, but it’s not good, but suffice to say that if we do finish in 11th place, and Stoke and Crystal Palace do catch us, it’s looking increasingly likely that Alan Pardew will lose his job, and Alan may still go even if we finish in 10th place.

This is the second season running that Newcastle have been in crisis during the run-in to the season.

It’s not good.

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  • theartfuldodger

    Apr 25, 2014 at 9:00 AM

    Comment #1

    Its like watching a horror movie…never know when the door opens and who comes through it…ghost never leaves the mansion..and visitors dont believe that the mansion is haunted…

  • archaeomag

    Apr 25, 2014 at 9:02 AM

    Comment #2

    arrrh … it be the curse of W@nga . . . .

  • TurkishFan101

    Apr 25, 2014 at 9:18 AM

    Comment #3


    I love sharing information with fellow toon fans, I have nothing to hide, I see everyone here like family.

    And like family situations we argue, rant, have a laugh, apologise and it gets repeated in a cycle.

    About my university life thanks, I had promised my mum that I will attend university as I am the only son/daughter in family to be attending university.

    Now, I will not lie to you. I am not enjoying what I do at university at all, but its life and a promise I caanot break no matter how stressful and de-motivated I may be.

    Its getting harder in life to survive, more poor expanding while the rich don’t give any 2 pence about the people.

    By this rate in a year or two, middle class will be vanished and only the rich and poor will remain.

    I will be entrepreneur in the near future (hopefully) if everything goes to plan and one day I promise with the money I recoup I promise to buy out Newcastle United.

    What is interesting is that nanoscience will be what’s most important at the moment in technology. The smaller we increase and expand technology such as graphic card at the moment they are 28nm at the lowest but Intel has worked on 14nm which is amazing as such a small chip is capable of monstrous power and very little power compared to the 28nm from nvidia and AMD but it is yet to be public.

    The future in technology department is nanoscience to decrease the power outputted, to be echofriendly and show amazing power at the same time.

    Combining nanoscience with software engineering is where all the money will be mostly pumped.

    Especially the programming of the machines!

    That’s my outlay.


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