Alan Pardew Deftly Backs Off Top Ten Target

Alan Pardew has given his press conference for the Cardiff City game today, and he has said that he wasn’t given any targets but the targets we have are the ones we set ourselves – whatever that means.

alan pardew press confernce

Alan Pardew – press conference today

You either have targets or you don’t have targets, and after all we know that bonuses are paid out – so they must be based on something.

And the news is coming through that Pardew has Ben Arfa training with the Development squad – so there’s definitely a rift, and probably a big rift that seems to have developed between former star player Ben Arfa and the manager – and that’s never good for either party.

And it cannot be doing Ben Arfa’s confidence or mood any good, to be banished to training with the Reserves – and as we said – that’s not good.

This is some of what Alan said in his press conference today:

“I wasn’t set any targets for this season and the only targets are those that we set ourselves.” “Saturday is very important, we have to put in a performance that gets the stadium on our side and gets us a win.”

The good news is there are no new injury problems, and we just have to hope that a mini-miracle happens on Saturday afternoon, and that we can beat the rock bottom team Cardiff City at home, and in front of over 50,000 fans.

Is that asking too much?

That would be very good and would certainly help to lift the morale of the Newcastle fans, although not by too much.

That’s because after the very poor performances this year, a massive rebuilding is required in the summer transfer window, if we are to have a decent side next season.

And the very last thing we want to have is another relegation fight next season.


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