Pardew – I Have One Of The Biggest Jobs In England

Alan Pardew talked to the press today, and also held his news conference for the last home game of the season, which is against Cardiff City on Saturday, and we will try to win our first game in seven.

alan pardew press confernce

Alan Pardew – spoke to the press today

This is some of what Alan Pardew has said today, as he was asked various questions relating to the poor performance of the team this year, and the pressure on him to get results:

“I consider this to be one of the biggest jobs in the country.” “To get the opportunity to be this manager is not something I’m going to give up. I will fight for it with all I can.”

“I don’t think it is a decision for managers to make if their position is untenable. Our decision is to lead and manage the team to the best of our ability.”

“Newcastle fans have seen me in this position before. It might be a little bit stronger this time, the feeling for me to go, but it was the same last year and I didn’t walk away.”

“I didn’t suddenly become weak and start hiding and I’m not going to do that on Saturday. If I take some criticism and ridicule, whatever comes my way, I have to show the players that I’m strong enough to cope.”

“My love for the job gives me the strength to come through this. The importance of the game is not lost on us, we want to give our fans something back because we’ve let them down.”

“The personality you need to be a manager is you need to be very strong-willed. You have to show a resolve, to your wife and your daughter, that you are strong enough to deal with it, let alone fans and players.”

“Whatever manager you are, you are going to have some bad times, some really bad times. If you’re going to walk away, then, in my view, you do not have the make up to be a manager or a leader of men.”

We are hoping for a win on Saturday, and Pardew in his press conference today was well aware that the first 25 minutes of the game was important, and that Newcastle had to play well and show some spirit and passion, to help get the crowd behind them.

And even though we’ve lost six in a row, there’s still likely to be over 50,000 at the game – which is the final home game of the season, but there will not be too much celebrating at the end of the game – win, lose or draw.

The team we have at the moment is simply not good enough for Newcastle United, and there has to be some massive rebuilding of the squad in the summer.

We really hope we can get more goals than Cardiff on Saturday. and that would give us the win.

Wouldn’t it? 😀

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