Pardew Has Received No Assurances From Ashley

One of the things that Alan Pardew revealed in his interviews today to the local press, is that he hasn’t spoken to Mike Ashley, the Newcastle owner, for over three weeks, and while that’s not surprising, it does suggest that the manager has no idea what Mike Ashley is thinking about this current bad spell.

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Happier times between Pardew and Ashley?

But Alan Pardew is simply getting on with his job, and he said that’s what Ashley would expect:

“That’s what he expects me to do. He doesn’t want me to ring him and say, ‘Mike, I’m a little bit perturbed’. He wouldn’t see any sign of strength in that and I wouldn’t do that.”

“He hasn’t offered me any reassuring words and I wouldn’t expect him to.”

But that last line we think is important, and it could still depend on how we  fare in the last two games that will decide whether Alan keeps his job,

Walking out of St. James’ Park after 69 minutes is not consistent with helping Newcastle getting the win – that’s for sure.

And confidence is not high that we can win the game at home tomorrow in any case, against the bottom of the league side, and 55% think we’ll lose the game in our current poll.

Pardew could even  mention that percentage to the players before the game – it may even inspire them to fight like hell – and try to get a win.

And that’s when we score more goals than the opposition – I looked it up – just to make sure. 😀

And it’s been a long time since we last won by scoring the stoppage  time winner at home to Crystal Palace on March 22nd.

It’s been a long time, and in the last 19 games we have played 13 games in which we couldn’t  have won the game – because we didn’t score a goal.


It’s been a bad run alright.

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