Press All Over The Planned Walk-Out Even Before The Game

There are reports about today’s game that Cardiff City must win it to have any chance of staying up – but that’s not technically true, with Fulham one point ahead of them and Sunderland and Norwich two points ahead – but if all four sides lose, Cardiff could still avoid relegation by beating Chelsea at home – although of course that could be very difficult.

alan pardew dark mood

Alan Pardew – pleads with fans

And Newcastle are rock bottom of the table in the form guide – which take the results of the last six games of the Premier League, and Cardiff have won at Southampton and have two draws and they have  scored 8 goals, while Newcastle have lost all six and have scored only two goals.

If we lose this game today all hell will be let loose – that’s almost a certainty.

Alan Pardew has spoken about not talking to Mike Ashley for up to three weeks, but Mike has been on holiday, including a short stint over here in Florida.

This is some of what Alan has said:

“I haven’t spoken to him for two or three weeks.” “He owns this club with the confidence to let the manager get on with managing the team.”

“That is what he has always said to me, get on with it. That’s what he expects me to do.” “When I won manager of the month he didn’t ring me up and say well done. I didn’t expect him to, that isn’t his way.”

“The most important thing is the group being strong as a team and we have shown in our last two games.” “You can say what you like about the Arsenal game, but I was on the touchline and they dug in deep because they had to because they were a very strong side.”

“At Swansea we shot ourselves in the foot in the last minute, but the feeling in the dressing room, people don’t see that emotion. We are desperate to win for the fans.”

It’s up to the players and the manager to get the result today – but the news is already being dominated before the game by the walkout after 69 minutes that is being urged by some fan groups – and we have no idea if the fans at the game will heed those requests.

But even if a few fans do walk out – those will be the pictures seen after the game and on Sunday – whatever the result – and we suppose it would be even more sensational if Newcastle also lost the game to the bottom club – to make it seven defeats in a row.

The press are just loving this.

This reminds us of those Mike Ashley protests in the first half of 2009, when we were fighting relegation and the marches and protests took place  just before the home games – wonderful timing – and that didn’t help the players then either – and of course we ended up being relegated.

Certainly any walk out after 69 minutes today is not going to help the players on the pitch – that’s a given – and the first thing we expect the TV commentators to talk about today before the game is the planned walk-out.

It’s already dominating the lead-up to the game, and will be having a negative impact on the home side – and Cardiff will see they have a huge opportunity to pick up 3 points.

And this could actually all work against Alan Pardew being fired, given the way Mike Ashley thinks – which is not exactly in line with the fans – and the Journal and Mark Douglas have also pointed that possibility out today.

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