Ashley Chose The Wrong Club When He Bought Newcastle

When Mike Ashley decided to buy Newcastle United back in the summer of 2007, that’s the  famous club in the north-east, he made the wrong choice, and seven years later with only one top ten finish so far, and one relegation, that’s very obvious to Geordie fans these days.

laughing mike ashley

Mike Ashley – Newcastle not the club to buy to have fun
Unless he wants to make us a top four club again

And when Mike was asked why he was buying the club at the time, one of the things he said was that he wanted to have some fun.

Well if he wanted to have fun with a football club, then  Newcastle was definitely the wrong choice, and certainly Newcastle fans haven’t had much fun under Mike Ashley’s reign at Newcastle.

While Mike has put the club on a good financial shape, he has done little else and he simply doesn’t have the same high ambitions as the fans – which was to be in the top six in the Premier League every single season and be in Europe every season.

You don’t hear too many Newcastle fans in the pub, talking about how excited and thrilled they are at Newcastle, because we are in good financial shape.

Ashley runs the club as a bank, and he seems happy enough to have the Magpies in the top ten every season, so we get a high financial payout from the Premier League, but we’ve only managed that low ambition once so far in the last seven years, with a possibility we can do it again this season.

Mike isn’t interested in building up Newcastle to challenge the likes of the two Manchester clubs, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham  and Chelsea – the top six clubs in England – and Alan Pardew keeps telling us we cannot compete with those clubs.

But Everton have shown this year and we showed two years ago, that you can compete with those clubs – and Pardew should stop talking about not being able to compete – as if that is supposed to lower the fans expectations – no way.

One thing that’s missing with Ashley is the ambition and will to have Newcastle become a top four club again in England, and it he doesn’t have that goal – we’ll never be in the top four again with Ashley as the owner.

That’s a frightening thought.

One of the big problems with Mike Ashley’s ownership is the gap in ambition between the fans – who are the real owners of the club – and Mike Ashley himself.

Perhaps he should have bought a club which has lower ambitions and not the history of a Newcastle United, and it would have been a much better match – and both sides would have been happy at the mediocrity.

Newcastle United is not the club to buy if you want to have fun, unless you are willing to put big money into the club, and make us a top four club again – and give the fans what they want.

That’s the truth.

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