Newcastle Likely To Finish 9th – Demonstrations Could Help

Newcastle finally broke their six game losing streak against a poor looking Cardiff City side, but we still made really hard work of it in that second half, when two times – after 60 minutes and 69 minutes – fans walked out – and of course that’s what’s being reported today, but there were only hundreds who left the game – and there were over 50,000 fans at the final home game of the season.

Mathieu Debuchy cardiff

Mathieu Debuchy – in action yesterday

It’s not in the DNA of Geordies to walk out on their team at a home game, even when we have been hopeless – make that absolutely hopeless – this year, and those fans who did walk out were doing it only to help force some positive change at the club.

There were demonstrations against manager Mike Ashley and owner Mike Ashley, who of course decided not to attend the game – he mustn’t be a masochist –  because if he had been at the game he would have been on the receiving end of some vitriotic display of anger and frustration from the fans.

He was in any case, with banners shown and chants being made against the Newcastle owner, who lacks ambition for Newcastle United.

Newcastle won the game 3-0 and  Cardiff are relegated, and we now have 49 points, and still have a chance of remaining in 9th place, since we are still 2 points ahead of Stoke, who crushed Fulham 4-1 yesterday, and the London club are also relegated.

And it looks like we can at the very least finish in the top ten after taking only 3 points from our last seven games, and Stoke will need to win at West Brom next Sunday to go above Newcastle and Crystal Palace need to get two wins in their last two games to have a chance of catching us now, since we are 6 points ahead of them.

And Palace play at Liverpool tomorrow and then at relegated Fulham.

Another way of saying it is that Crystal Palace (2) and Stoke (1) will have to win all their remaining games for Newcastle to finish in 11th place and outside the top ten.

So with the win yesterday, results could go for us next Sunday, and we could finish in 9th place – since we don’t expect anything from our last game at Liverpool – we are just hoping we don’t get taken apart in that game.

We don’t know if the demonstrations yesterday will have a positive effect on owner Mike Ashley – but one thing in the fans’ favor is that Mike Ashley does not want to see Newcastle relegated again, and lose all that big money form the Premier League.

And maybe that will motivate him to spend money and bring some good players in – as he did 16 months ago when we were in real relegation danger.

There is big money to spend if only Ashley will loosen the purse strings, since there’s the £20M from the Cabaye transfer and Newcastle will get over £80M in total from the Premier League later this month, if we finish in the top ten, and each place is worth around £2M.

Spend the money Mike – please – we don’t want another season like the last two.

What do you think?

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