Will Pardew Have Trouble Recovering From Incredible Abuse?

Alan Pardew must have had to put up with the most abuse for a manager at St. James Park for a long long time, although it’s hardly unusual for a manager in a bad run to get abuse from the fans, and we still have the image back in late 2007, of fans simply outraged and furious at big Sam Allardyce, with Sam looking straight ahead and chewing that gum of his furiously, as fans were hurling verbal abuse at him, and heaven knows what they were shouting, but they weren’t compliments or about the weather, that’s for sure.


john carver alana pardew

John Carver and Alan Pardew yesterday
Carver anxious nobody can lip read what he was saying

This is what Alan Pardew said after the game yesterday:

“While I think it’s important that we won against Cardiff, we were never going to do that and a win against Liverpool won’t do it either.”

“We need to make sure we start next season in the same place we started last season when we were challenging for Europe.”

“We need to accept the criticism and make the right calls. I was proud of the players today. I’m just looking at Liverpool now. Our confidence has been lifted today.” 

“You have to be resilient. We’ve lost half the Premier League managers this year.”  “It’s a thankless task and it was a difficult day. I make no bones about that.”

“We lost a very good player in January and we hope to replace him and bring in three of four others in a couple of positions.”

The big question for Mike Ashley after yesterday’s all-out assault on both the manager and the owner himself – is has Alan Pardew lost all credibility with the Newcastle fans.

There are still fans who support Alan and still some fan organizations who blame the players rather than the manager, and it is true the players have looked hopeless and have under-performed all year.

Maybe their wages should be docked?

Ashley needs to decide whether Pardew is the man to take the club forward or not – and we should get to know what that decision is within about two weeks.

And on a personal level – and this is nothing to do with football, you have to at least admit that Pardew handled the situation as well as anybody could have, and it would have been easy for him to have turned against the fans, as they turned on him – but he didn’t and kept his cool in what were very trying circumstances.

And we even won the game – but who would be a football manager these days?


And for those fans hoping Ashley will get out and sell up – there is no way Ashley will sell the club.

And if does try to sell – it could be the same outcome as the other two attempts he made – he will not get offers that are acceptable to him and meet his price of around £300M, so he can at least recuperate the money he has put into the club.

For some reason, people with the big money don’t seem to see Newcastle United as a good investment, and we’re not sure why.

Comments welcome.

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