Alan Shearer On What Newcastle Fans Expect

Alan Shearer, one of the greatest players Newcastle have ever produced, has put things in perspective a little bit, after the Newcastle fans made it very clear that the form and results of the Newcastle side this year are simply not good enough, and something has to be done this summer to rebuild the side – big time.

Alan Shearer - recent photo

Alan Shearer – we need to defend properly ands score goals
Note – which we haven’t done this year

This is what Alan has said about what Geordie fans expect from their team:

“Newcastle fans don’t expect them to be in the top three but they want to have belief.”  “They want to have hope that they can go out and score goals and defend properly.”

We’ll be seeing what the developments are after the final game at Liverpool next Sunday, but there seems to be a big opportunity to get David Moyes in, and if he was offered the Newcastle job and Pardew is fired, surely Moyes would be delighted to take the job on Tyneside.

We’ll know Pardew’s fate a few days after the Liverpool game, after Pardew meets with the Board, which will include owner Mike Ashley – who must do a lot of work in the summer, and loosen up the purse strings.

Maybe the good news is that Lee Charnley and others have made an early start in their recruitment drive, and the manager has talked about that recruitment this summer:

“It is difficult. But we hope to recruit well. We have done that since I have been here really.”  “We lost a good player in the last window. We need to replace him for sure, maybe bring in three or four and move a couple of positions as well.”

“As a manager you have to expect a rough tide, especially in today’s society. It’s tough for football managers in the Premier League.”

It’s a good job Pardew was expecting a rough ride – because it was very rough on Saturday.

Mike Ashley has to make a fairly quick decision on the manager’s fate, because whoever the manager is for next season, they have to be fully involved in the recruitment.

We hope the demonstrations on Saturday will be a water-shed event,  and that the message gets through to Mike Ashley that the last seven years have simply not been good enough, and if he is going to keep the side and not sell the club  – he needs to get a shot of ambition for the club.

Any Newcastle fan will be only too willing to tell the owner what that is – like going all out for a top six place is part of it.

But we are not holding our breath, based on past history. 🙁

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