I Didn’t Enjoy It But I’m Pleased We Won For The Newcastle Fans

There have not been too many times that a Newcastle manager has had to withstand the horrendous abuse that Alan Pardew had to withstand on Saturday from the Newcastle fans, and after being loudly booed and heckled the first two times he went to the touchline, he sent John Carver out from then on.

That was a wise decision.

lan pardew cardiff

Alan Pardew – on the touchline on Saturday

It was a hostile environment to say the very least, and this is some of what the manager has said about his reception by the fans on Saturday:

“I’m not saying it’s something I want or enjoy, because of course I don’t.” “I just feel the situation we have makes it very, very difficult for the media in today’s day and age.”

“We’ve lost half the managers, we might lose three or four more, all I can do is focus on Liverpool and that’s what I’m going to do and I can’t say that I’m happy with the scenario.”

“I’m pleased for our fans, I really am – they might not think that, but I’m genuinely pleased that we’ve won for them – I’m pleased for the players, and I’m pleased for the principles that we’ve stood up for.”

“I look at our season and it’s bizarre really. I see Southampton won again and we’ve won the same amount of games (15), but we haven’t secured enough points when we perhaps got beat and that’s a disappointment for me as manager, I have to say that.”

“But there’s no doubt we were stronger in the first half of the season and we have to focus on that, what we did right and what we didn’t do right in the second half. That comes down to the club, to me, to my coaching staff and we’re going to try and put that right.”

“As for the fans, we have to do our very best to try and win them round. I don’t know any other answer to that.”

We have won 15 league games this season and last season we won 11, but last season we lost 19 and so far this campaign we have lost another massive 18, so a defeat at Liverpool next Sunday, and we will have lost the same number of games as we did last season when we finished 5th bottom.

And that’s the most games we have ever lost in a Premier League season.

And at -15 we have the 5th worst goal difference in the Premier League – last season it was even worse at -23.

But amazingly, even though our results have been terrible this year, if Crystal Palace don’t beat Liverpool at Selhurst Park tonight or don’t win at Fulham next Sunday, we will finish in the top ten, and if Stoke also don’t beat West Brom away next Sunday, we will finish in 9th place.

That’s the amazing thing about this season, and even after the terrible results of this year –  we have only dropped from 6th position after the 5-1 defeat of Stoke,  to potentially 9th place, and that’s after losing 13 of the last 19 league games and gaining only 16 points in those games with five wins and a draw.


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