Newcastle The Most Improved Team In Premier League

Forget about the fact that we have lost 13 of the last 19 league games since Boxing Day, and that we have failed to score in 12 of them, and that we have gained only 16 points.

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A tense looking Alan Pardew

If we assume that Crystal Palace will not win their last two games at home to Liverpool tonight and away to Fulham on Sunday, and that Stoke do not win at West Brom in their last game, and we lose at Liverpool, then Newcastle will finish in 9th place.

And when you forget about what’s happened this year (yes that’s very difficult we know), the facts will show that – at least as far as league position is concerned and for teams that were in the Premier League last season – Newcastle will be the most improved side this season – because we will have moved up 7 places in the league – more than any other club.

That;s also true if we are 10th and have moved up 6 positions in the league table.

And Alan Pardew can justify to Mike Ashley that he even did a little bit better than top ten – by finishing in 9th place, even though the owner sold our best player – Yohan Cabaye – in January and didn’t replace him.

He could also throw in that we have made one permanent signing over the last tow transfer windows.

So if we do finish in 9th place those could be some of the points Pardew makes when he discusses the season with Ashley (will he use a Powerpoint presentation?), and that meeting will be very soon after the last game next Sunday.

But as we pointed out yesterday, Mike Ashley has a history of going against what the Newcastle fans want.

So we hate to be the bearer of potential bad news – but it could be that Alan Pardew keeps his job in the summer, against all the odds.

And that could be especially true if we do finish in 9th place, and remember every place in the league is worth around £2M this season, and money seems to be everything to Mike Ashley.

Of course one thing Mike Ashley needs to decide is whether keeping Pardew would be a wise decision, given the vicious displays by the fans towards the manager on Saturday – which have to be the worst scenes witnessed for a very long time against a Newcastle United manager.

Alan Pardew may have lost all credibility with Newcastle fans, and that would make it very difficult for him to continue in the job.

And if he does go, then David Moyes has to be a heavy favorite to take over.

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