It Was Very Very Sad To See The Pardew Abuse

Some fans feel so strong that Alan Pardew should be fired that anybody who doesn’t agree with them are instantly the enemy, and Bob Moncur talks about that in his article in the Chronicle today.

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Bob Moncur – abuse of Pardew was over the top

One thing that isn’t in question is that the abuse handed out to Alan Pardew on Saturday against Cardiff City, when we actually won the game 3-0,  was the worst (or best – depending on your viewpoint) ever handed out to a Newcastle manager for a very long time.

Bob Moncur is a good man and in his article he pours his heart out just a little bit, and makes the point the abuse was way over the top, and that even though Alan has done poorly this year – he is still the Newcastle United manager.

And he also criticizes some of the local papers for their coverage of the abuse.

And we know from emails we have received from supporters that some still support Alan Pardew, and they point out the players are also at fault – and that Mike Ashley didn’t help things at all by selling Yohan Cabaye.

And for those who have not been brought up in Newcastle – like my son Neil – and other fans from around the world – they couldn’t quite believe the ferocity of the abuse the manager got on Saturday at St. James’ Park.

It’s a good honest article from Moncur and certainly worth a read, if only to get a little more perspective on the matter.

Here it is.

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