Newcastle Get £78.8M From Premier League

We had estimated Newcastle would get close to £80M from the Premier League for finishing in the upper half of the table, and of course we slipped one place in the league table yesterday to 10th place, but we still got a massive £78.8M in payments.

laughing mike ashley

Mike Ashley – how much is available for transfers?

This is what the Premier League has published today, and it’s based on Premier League position, the number of times the team is shown live on TV, and some other things – so it’s not just based on league position, although that’s a big part of the payment:

£98M Manchester City
£99M Liverpool
£95M Chelsea
£93M Arsenal
£86M Everton
£90M Spurs
£91M Manchester United
£78.5M Southampton
£77.2M Stoke
£78.8M Newcastle United
£75M Crystal Palace
£75M Swansea
£76M West Ham
£73M Sunderland
£73M Aston Villa
£69M Hull
£67m West Brom
£66M Norwich
£65M Fulham
£64M Cardiff

Liverpool got the most money at £99M even though they finished second, but they are a very popular club around the world – much more so than Manchester City.

City will have to deal with a proposed £50M fine from UEFA for flaunting the Financial Fair Play rules over the last three seasons – and the exact punishment they finally do receive should be very interesting, since it was announced over the weekend the case will go to a tribunal, because no agreement could be reached between the club and UEFA on the penalties, and City don’t want to pay the £50M fine.

Last year at this time Newcastle received £45.1M from the Premier League, under the old TV agreement and for finishing in 16th place, so that’s an extra £33.7M this year – and most of that goes straight to the bottom line in the financial statement – the profits.

That money should give us an excellent financial year ending at the end of next month – but the big question is how much of it will Mike Ashley make available for new players – and don’t forget we still have the £20M from the Yohan Cabaye sale in January.

You can see why there was a huge scramble to keep in the Premier League this season, and it will only get worse as the Premier League payments keep increasing.

As a sign of the popularity of the Premier League yesterday in the US, all ten league games were broadcast live on the different channels of NBC Universal.

And that’s in a country where “soccer” is not too popular.

Newcastle United had pride of place with the Liverpool – Newcastle game on NBC Sports Network, so we still have some standing in football – or perhaps it was because Liverpool were going for their very first Premier League title.

Well – maybe it was the latter. 😀

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