The Strange Sending Off Of Shola Ameobi

Newcastle had two players sent off yesterday, and both were harsh decisions by referee Phil Dowd and we wouldn’t be too surprised if Newcastle appeal both the red cards, and certainly Shola’s red card.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Liverpool v Newcastle United - Anfield

Shola Ameobi – in action yesterday

Shola was sent off for talking to the referee and questioning the second goal, and Paul Dummett was sent off for an innocuous foul on Luis Suarez after 87 minutes, and Suarez again fell to the ground as though he had been shot by a bullet – and some of this acting by these footballers these days has to stop.

This is what a disappointed and upset Shola said on the Newcastle web-site after yesterday’s game, which  could be the last of his career at Newcastle:

“You can’t make up the way I was sent off. I still don’t know why it happened,” “I was given a first yellow card for dissent, but for the second one I’m ready to take the restart when the referee has called me back.”

“He told me to stop showing dissent, so I told him that I was allowed to plead my case. I asked him ‘are you going to send me off for trying to plead my case for my team?’ and he said ‘yes’.”

“I’ve asked a question and been sent off for that. I’m dumbfounded by it.”  “People who know me know I don’t swear and that I am not abusive.”

“If this is my last game for Newcastle then it isn’t the way I would have liked to go out. I’m quite upset by it.”  “If it is my last game, I wanted to go out on a high and we were doing great for an hour.”

“I’m disappointed in myself for putting myself in that situation in the first place, but in the heat of the moment when decisions aren’t going your way you get frustrated.”

“I’ve apologised to my teammates and would like to apologise to the fans because they were here cheering every single one of us on.”

“Up until they scored their first goal, I thought we were well worth the lead,” “We stuck to the game plan we had and caused them problems.”

“We put a lot of effort in and so to come out on the wrong side of the result is quite frustrating.”

Shola had a good game for Newcastle yesterday, and to send him off the way the referee did was bizarre, and begs some explaining from Phil Dowd.

And Alan Pardew wasn’t too pleased with either sending off, as he said this after the game:

“I know Shola. He doesn’t swear. I saw the referee and said ‘I know Shola doesn’t swear so how angry could he possibly get?’ I don’t actually know how angry you can get if you don’t swear,” said Pardew.

“I think what happened was ‘If you carry on I’m going to send you off’ and maybe sarcastically Shola said ‘Are you going to send me off?’ And he did. That’s the explanation referee Phil Dowd gave me.

“Brendan said to me straight away about Dummett’s ‘that’s just a booking’. I agree with that. He’s just come on, the adrenaline is flowing.”

“His right leg which is not the natural leg comes through and makes it look worse than it was. It wasn’t a sending off and again I think he should have managed that better.”

It was a great first 60 minutes yesterday, as Newcastle looked a well-drilled side and were holding the strong Liverpool side, and most of our players were playing well, but we let ourselves down with the two goals, and it was poor marking from free kicks in both cases.

And then Phil Dowd made things worse with the two sending offs, but we’d be surprised if at least one of the red cards doesn’t get reversed on appeal.

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