It’s Important Ashley Understands The Problems I’ve Had

Maybe it’s today that Alan Pardew will meet with Mike Ashley and the Newcastle Board, but once that meeting is over, the next step is to post something on the Newcastle web-site to the effect that Alan Pardew will continue on as the Newcastle manager, despite a disastrous last 20 games of the season, when we lost 13 of them and failed to score in 12 of them. 🙁

Mike Ashley upbeat

Mike Ashley – he’s a good listener

And with Lee Charnley the new Managing Director, it will be interesting to see if fans get any more information as to what the club is going to do this summer and in the next year or so – probably not – but communication with the fans has always been very poor with Ashley in  charge.

This is what Alan  Pardew told the Shields Gazette:

“I think it’s important he understands some of the problems I’ve had,” “We can talk through some things I think need to improve.”

“Although he has a reputation of being aggressive, he’s a better listener.” “That’s why he’s had such great success.”

“He doesn’t really say much. He listens and comes back to me, sometimes 48 hours after, and draws some conclusions from what I’ve said.”

“It’s not like there’s too much hollering and shouting, it’s more a case for Mike to listen to the problems I’ve had.” “Then he reflects on the budget and everything else to see how he can help me.”

That’s always a good thing to do – listen to somebody and understand exactly where they are coming from and what they are really saying – the art of listening.

In consulting you are always told that a good consultant is one who is a good listener, so it looks like Mike is a good listener and would make a good consultant.

But he’s been enormously successful in his business life, and he’s obviously a bright guy, whatever the criticism against him over these seven years.

And we just hope that as well as being extremely successful in his Sports Direct business, he also wants to become a successful football owner, which he’s not at the moment.

If £60M is being made available this summer for transfers, that would be some good news, and we then have to bring in some really top players.

That’s the next step this summer to try to get us back competing near the top end of the Premier League.

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