NCJ Media Ban To Stay – No Impact On Season Ticket Sales

We’ve read through the minutes of Monday night’s Fans Forum meeting a couple of times, and there’s some decent information there, and it’s very good these meetings are being held, because in the long term they will definitely improve communication between the fans and the club – there’s little doubt about that.

mike ashley glum

Mike Ashley – keeping NCJ media ban in place

Here are the various questions that were asked on the ongoing NCJ Media Ban and some ancillary comments added at the meeting – and those are followed by the Board’s the answer:


“Will the club lift the ban on NCJ Media?”
“Will you implement a lifting of the ban on NCJ Media starting next season? The intransigence is a huge distraction and is detrimental to both parties.”
“The Chronicle is damaging the public’s perception of the club with its coverage.”
“It is mentally ingrained in some people to believe what they read in the local media.”

Answer:The club confirmed its position will remain unchanged. Decisions made by the board are not – and will not be – influenced by media coverage, however negative.


And there have been moves by some fan organizations to (try to) persuade people with season tickets to ditch them in protest of the running of the club, but as we expected, that’s having little to no effect.

We always think it’s a difficult task to persuade Geordie supporters to stop going to the games – however bad we are doing, and certainly we’ve done very poorly this year.


“How many season ticket holders have not renewed for next season?”

Answer: The board stated that approximately six per cent of season ticket holders had not renewed to-date; similar levels to previous seasons.


We hope to hear some news on new signings soon, very soon in fact.

Comments welcome.

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