Newcastle Board Explains Some Of Their “Logic”

The minutes of the Fans Forum meeting of Monday night provides some interesting reading, but there is also some depressing reading in there, and it again shows the lack of ambition of the famous club under Mike Ashley, and Newcastle’s concentration on the Premier League, because of the huge finances dished out to clubs every year – but at the expense of trying to win one of the local Cup competitions – will apparently remain in place.

mike ashley

Mike Ashley – Newcastle’s unambitious owner

And the Board even have tried to suggest that a cup run would jeopardize Newcastle’s Premier League status – this is some of what is in the minutes from the Board:

“The board reiterated that the Premier League will remain the club’s priority.”

“The board outlined research into Premier League clubs in relation to domestic cup competitions in the last five years, with Swansea City the only club outside the traditional top six to win a domestic cup and not be relegated in the same season (Birmingham and Wigan Athletic were both relegated).”

“Independent research into the cost of relegation over the past ten years showed there is a 50 per cent chance of not gaining promotion back to the top-flight and a 30 per cent chance of being relegated to League One or further.”

We have said before that Mike Ashley bought the wrong club when he bought Newcastle United seven years ago, and to have this attitude towards the club that famously won the FA Cup three times in five years in the 1950s is sad – to say the least.

Maybe he should have bought a club like Oldham Athletic or Scunthorpe United with much less history and glory than Newcastle United.

But the long long statement from Lee Charnley on his appointment as the new Managing Director in April, and the minutes of last Monday’s meeting state the same old things we have been hearing over the last few years.

  • Premier League is the important competition
  • Cup competitions are not important and could even lead to relegation
  • We will only buy players who are of good value and will not overpay for them
  • We cannot compete with the top six clubs in England
  • Newcastle will ban reporters and newspapers who report stuff the Board (make that Mike Ashley) don’t want to hear
  • etc

And if you go on and on about not being able to compete with the top six in England, you’ll get to be right about it, because then you’ll really believe it’s true.

That’s how the mind works to an extent- it likes to justify things.

And to say we cannot compete with the top six is not true,  and only gives some excuses for not finishing in the top six.

It’s either results or reasons when you talk about having success in life – and Newcastle lead with the reasons.

It’s not good.

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