Newcastle United Continue Their War On Journalists

Richard Keys, now at beIN Sports and formerly at Sky Sports,  is the latest journalist who is being targeted by Newcastle, in their bid to go after journalists who either report things Newcastle don’t want reported, or are reporting rubbish, which are probably thinly veiled attempts to sell their stuff,  but they also damage the still good name of Newcastle United.

Richard Keys -text-message-007

Richard Keys – in hot water at Newcastle

Since sensational stuff in football doesn’t happen every day, sometimes it has to be made up to keep people interested.

Richard is in trouble with Newcastle for a tweet made by about Ben Arfa and Alan Pardew, and Richard said  the player had chinned the manager in the dressing room – but that didn’t happen – and it seems Newcastle may be taking legal action against the presenter.

This the tweet Keys is in trouble for:

“Heard Ben Arfa chinned Pardew. If that’s the case one or the other will have to go.”

The Mail today is reporting  the Tyneside club have reported the comments to the Premier League and also to Keys’ management at beIN  Sports.

But Richard is right in that one must go – and it looks like Ben Arfa will be sold in the summer – so we’ll lose our most creative and exciting player – that’s true when Ben Arfa is on song.

And as Newcastle have done with a lot of other journalists, like ncjMedia, Keys is having his access to Newcastle players and other staff restricted until the matter is resolved, and Newcastle want Keys to retract his statement, and also apologize to the club.

Newcastle seem to be aggressively going after journalists who report stuff detrimental to the club, and to protect the good name of Newcastle United.

We’ve noticed there is a lot more legal action taken in the UK on things like slander and the like, but there’s very little of it here in the US, since a good defense is to cite the first amendment – some of which is protecting free speech – and it’s hard to get any legal success regarding things like slander.

Newcastle still have a number of journalists restricted in their coverage of the club, and in the minutes of last Monday night’s Fans Forum meeting, the restrictions on ncjMedia – the Chronicle, Journal and Sunday Sun – will apparently continue indefinitely.

That doesn’t sound good to us somehow.

What do you think?

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