Alan Pardew Statement On Loic Remy

After reports in France this morning that Alan Pardew went along with Loic Remy and agreed he didn’t have to play in the final game at Liverpool on Sunday, May 11th have been denied by the Newcastle manager.

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Alan Pardew – no collusion with Remy

This is Alan’s statement that has just been posted on the Newcastle site:

¨Following media reports today (Tuesday, 27th May) concerning my player selection for our final game of the season against Liverpool, any suggestion that I colluded and agreed with our loan striker, Loic Remy, that he did not have to play in this game are wholly untrue.¨

¨To suggest that I considered there to be nothing riding on that game is also completely false. Our final league position was at stake, as was the race for the Barclays Premier League title for our opponents, Liverpool.¨  

¨What is more, each and every one of us associated with the Club was desperate to get a result for our supporters, especially those 2,800 travelling fans who made the journey to Anfield that day.¨

¨The reality was that Loic had sustained an ankle injury in our game against Cardiff the previous week. The results of an MRI scan conducted after that fixture revealed ligament damage and swelling around the joint.¨  

¨It was a result of this injury, and the fact that Loic was unable therefore to complete any training session during the week leading up to the Liverpool game, that meant he was not fit for selection.¨

¨Had Loic been fit then clearly, without question, he would have been selected to play in what was a crucial game like every other.¨

In fact the news came from what Loic Remy had said in an interview with L’Equipe,  and we pointed out this would not sit well with Newcastle fans – if it was true.

This is what Loic Remy told L’Equipe:

“The coach Alan Pardew understood my point of view.” “We had nothing to play for and I didn’t want to risk getting hurt again.”

It’s good that Pardew has come out quickly and denied it happened – but how come Remy said Pardew was in agreement?

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