Newcastle’s TV Appeal Around The World Is Declining

The Sporting Intelligence site does a lot of financial analysis and the like on sports and on football, and since we are interested in that aspect of the game, which for good or bad has become huge over the last few years, it’s always a good site to check out.

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Global Newcastle United brand on the wane?

And they have concocted an interesting table today, which details where all the TV money would go to clubs, assuming it was based  entirely on the number of TV viewers each club got when they were on TV last season – and not based on the Premier League’s own rather democratic rules of apportioning the TV money.

As we’ve said before the Premier League is massively popular and last season NBC Sports paid massive money (and made a big deal of it) to broadcast the games on TV over here in the US, and they showed every single game live – either on one of their many TV channels or via direct streaming for the PC and mobile devices – and they did a terrific job of it, and it’s helped “soccer” to catch on a bit over here.

On the last day of the season every single game was live on one of their TV channels – amazing – and the Liverpool – Newcastle game was pick of the bunch on their top channel.

The Champions League final last Saturday was on Fox’s main channel over here (the main channel not the sports channel), which says they must be getting decent viewership figures on what they call soccer over here.

The way the money is shared out is as follows:

  • Overseas broadcasting deals – like the NBC Sports deal in the US – are shared out equally among the clubs.
  • Local broadcast deals in the UK are shared three ways – 50% equally between all clubs, 25% on league position and 25% depending on the number of times the club are on live TV.

That’s beneficial to the not so well supported clubs in the league, and the following table is taken directly from the sportingintelligence Twitter site and based entirely on viewership figures for each club when on live TV, and how the money would then have been divided:

league table based on viewrship

It’s not too surprising that Newcastle are only the  11th most popular club on TV, but it’s nearly always dependent on league position, and we would have been higher two years ago, when we finished 5th and we were even good to watch.

And yes we see Sunderland are one place above us. 🙁

We know it’s popular to be all doom and gloom at the moment about Newcastle, but some good (even great ) signings this summer, and we could be back up there challenging for a top six position again by Christmas.

Of course that’s exactly where we were last Christmas – but next season we’ll have to maintain that challenge through the end of the season – as we did two years ago – but didn’t last season.

That’s a positive way to look at the season ahead – and maybe not a popular way at the moment.

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