Has Jack Colback Been Signed By Newcastle?

The NUFC Fans web-site is reporting that Jack Colback may have already signed a contract with Newcastle, and if that’s true – that would be great.

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Jack Colback – has he already penned a deal with Newcastle?

There is West Ham fans web-site Claret&Hugh here and they are reporting a West ham insider has exclusively told them they tried to get Colback, but they were not successful.

This is what the insider has exclusively told them:

“We did our best but sadly there’s no way out of the contract he signed. He was keen to join West Ham.”

There was news yesterday that West Ham had offered Jack a four year deal at £50K/week, and we thought Newcastle would be very hard pushed to match that.

But Jack is also newly married and money isn’t everything, and perhaps Mrs Colback wants to stay in the north-east.

Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean he has signed a deal with Newcastle, although that’s what the Claret&Hugh web-site is reporting, but don’t forget that Sunderland have also recently offered him a much improved deal.

But if we have the Killingworth lad locked up in a deal (so to speak), it would be good if Newcastle can announce it soon.

Newcastle fans need to some good news – soon.

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