Is It Possible – Could Yohan Cabaye Return To Newcastle?

When Yohan Cabaye first signed for Newcastle United three years ago this month, he was full of praise for the Newcastle United club, and even after he has left, he still seems to love the Newcastle club and its fantastic fans.

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The great Yohan Cabaye – while at Newcastle United

Yohan has talked about how great things were at Newcastle during his thirty months stay on Tyneside, where he played great for the club, and made the difference in midfield.

This is what Yohan said in June three years ago after he had signed on at the famous Newcastle club:

“This is a fantastic move for me.” “I have enjoyed great times with Lille but the time is right now to test myself against the best and playing for Newcastle United in the Premier League does just that.¨

“My first impressions of the club and the City are that it is a lovely place and the stadium is simply magnificent.”

Yohan has found it a bit difficult getting a starting position at PSG since he moved there in January, although he’s only been there a few months and probably still getting into his stride.

But he’s in the France World Cup squad, and still an important player for his country in this summer’s World Cup in Brazil.

And his latest tweets seem to suggest he’s still in love with the Tyneside club, and this is his latest tweet from Thursday:

“A big thank you to all NUFC fans for the support.¨ “You give me a huge energy as you did since three years.”

We think what’s probably happening with Yohan is that old adage – you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it.

What he had on Tyneside was that he was the star man, and the fans just loved him, and he was a fantastic player for us, who scored some great and important goals for the club in his short stay on Tyneside.

Would Newcastle be able to bring him back?

That would be very difficult, but we think if there was an agreement reached between PSG and Newcastle, the Geordie fans would welcome him back with open arms.

After all, everybody makes mistakes in life. 😀

One thing is for sure, and that’s the Newcastle fans still seem to hold Yohan Cabaye in the highest esteem – and vice versa.

It would be incredible if we somehow got Yohan back on Tyneside soon, but the chances of that happening have to be very very low, and it’s always very rare that players return to their former clubs.

But we’re also told that miracles sometimes do happen.

Comments welcome.

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