Are Newcastle Struggling With Season Ticket Sales?

There’s only a couple of days left for Newcastle United season ticket holders to renew their tickets for the 2014/2015 season, and once that deadline is reached the available tickets – if any – will go on sale to other supporters.

laughing mike ashley

Mike Ashley – Newcastle United owner

That deadline is now this Saturday, that’s when England should smash Italy in our first World Cup game, and Mike Ashley has tried to keep the prices low, so that the club can sell all their season tickets, and have the stadium full for every game, which of course should be an advantage to the team.

Some Newcastle fan organizations have pushed for supporters not to renew their season tickets – presumably in the hope that the attendances will drop – and that somehow will put pressure on the owner – but we always think that’s a hard ask for Newcastle’s passionate supporters.

And of course match day receipts are a diminishing part of the revenue for Premier League clubs these days, as the money paid out each season by the Premier League continues to be  enormous and will keep increasing.

When you think that the club just received close to £80M from the league last month, and our total revenues for the last financial year through last June were around £95M,  it’s obvious what the main contributor is to those revenues are – and it isn’t season ticket sales.

If the season ticket sales this summer are disappointing then Mike Ashley has shown in the past he can offer good deals, even on match days, to get the fans to the stadium.

And last season the average attendance must have been close to 50,000 for league games, and that was even during our terrible run this year, and yet we still had that number of fans at our home games.

As we said before, it’s difficult to ask supporters to stay away from the Newcastle games, even when “no ambition” Mike Ashley runs the club.

We suspect the season ticket sales will turn out to be close to normal, and at the last Fans Forum meeting, the club said the sales at that time were running close to normal.

But on the other hand the deadline has been been extended twice, and that would suggest they are behind schedule with their sales.

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