Newcastle Local Loan System Could Work

Newcastle manager Alan Pardew is keen to set up a loan partnership between Newcastle United and Gateshead FC, who are just across the River Tyne, and it means our young players who go there on loan wouldn’t even need to move, and it would be easy for Newcastle and the Newcastle fans – to keep tabs on the youngsters and at least watch their home games.

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Alan Pardew – likes the idea of strategic partnership

That would certainly benefit some of Newcastle’s younger players – as they seek first team experience week in and week out – and it would also help Gateshead to have some of Newcastle’s best young players available to them – as they try to move up the Football league.

The FA Chairman Greg Dyke talked about the England commission, and a proposal to introduce B teams into the Football League – much like they already have in Spain – as just one example.

Another proposal was for clubs to have what they called ‘Strategic Loan Partnerships’ with other lower league clubs

That idea would allow Premier League and Championship clubs to create strategic partnerships with up to two clubs playing at League One level or lower.

The PL club would be allowed to loan up to eight players under the age of 22 at any one  time to its partner club in the lower division, and it’s one way by which young English players could get first team experience so they could advance in their football advancement more quickly.

This is what Newcastle manager Alan Pardew said yesterday about the potential scheme:

“I actually like the loan system – one of the FA proposals.” ” I actually like Phase 2 better, whereby we can loan to a club we have a relationship with.”

“That makes a lot of sense.” “We’ve got Gateshead. I’d love to be manager of Newcastle and send a couple of players there.” “Our fans can help their revenues as well.”

“They could travel there to watch our players.” “I do actually like that second bit of the plan.”

However – not to get ahead of ourselves – the Football League clubs rejected both the B team and the loan plan proposals last week.

This is what the Football League’s Chief Executive, Shaun Harvey said after both proposals were rejected:

“Greg Dyke provided a detailed and thought-provoking presentation that helped clubs get a better understanding of the thinking behind his recent report.

“While it’s fair to say there is no appetite among clubs for the use of B teams or strategic loan partnerships in the football pyramid, they did share his overriding concern about the development of young English footballers and supported a number of the report’s other recommendations.”

“We will continue to work with the FA to help find solutions that will be supported across the whole game.”

England has to find some way in which their young players can come through the system and get first team experience, because that’s just not happening in the Premier League, where lots of overseas players are part of Premier League squads these days.

But there seems no reason why Newcastle cannot go ahead and formalize in some way a loan system with Gateshead FC – it seems like a win-win situation to us.

What do you think?

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