Newcastle’s Penny Pinching Has Gone Too Far

As we mentioned earlier this morning, Newcastle’s good name is being besmirched by our current antics in the transfer market, where we go in with very low offers for out targets and all that does is upset the selling club, and it also garners Newcastle some bad publicity, and we’ve seen that over the last few days.

laughing mike ashley

Mike Ashley – pay out the money – please

Montpellier Chairman Louis Nicollin has said that Newcastle are treating them like idiots, and that they shouldn’t treat them as fools, in our quest to get the talented Remy Cabella to Tyneside.

And things were not any better in January when we got £20M for Yohan Cabaye and then tried to get Remy Cabella and Clement Grenier on Tyneside, but our offers for those players were so low they upset both their clubs, and also the agents of the players.

The selling clubs are not stupid, and they know Newcastle ended up in the upper half of the Premier League last season, and received close to £80M for our efforts.

And that we have £20M from the Cabaye sale, so when we go in and bid £6.5M for Remy Cabella – do Newcastle really think that will be accepted , and do they really it will do them any good with Montpellier?

And Wilfried Bony’s agent Dalibor Lacina has said this week that Newcastle could have had his player for £10M last summer, but Newcastle refused to pay out the money and Wilfried is now worth £20M after a terrific season at Swansea.

Lacina then said that Wilfried will probably be joining a top club in Europe who have ambition – hint – that’s not Newcastle United.

We are all for getting good deals, and free agents are usually good acquisitions,  and Jack Colback was a very good signing for us, but sometimes you have to pay out good money to get good players – and Newcastle should be willing to do that.

Newcastle fans are frustrated that we could have profits of something over £50M for the current financial year that ends on June 30th, and yet we are acting like a hard-up club in the lower divisions.

It’s time those in charge – make that Mike Ashleychange and stop damaging Newcastle’s good name in football and start to bid decent money for good players.

This penny-pinching is being overdone by Newcastle, and it has now gone too far.

Spend the money Mike – please.

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