Louis Suarez Beats England 2-1 – Elimination Almost Certain

Louis Suarez scored two good goals for Uruguay tonight, after having a knee operation just four weeks ago, and the Liverpool man, who was short of match practice,  was too good for England, who couldn’t handle a Uruguay team who were taken apart by Costa Rica in their last game, as the South American side  conceded three poor goals in the second half.

wayne rooney scores

Wayne Rooney – scoring England’s goal

It was another mediocre  performance from England, and a great  Edinson Cavani cross picked out Louis Suarez after 39 minutes of the first half,  and the Liverpool man headed the ball brilliantly past England goalkeeper Joe Hart.

England had their chances and Wayne Rooney headed against the cross-bar from three yards out following  corner and then Wayne shot straight at the goalkeeper, when he probably should have scored.

louis suarez first goal

Suarez brilliantly heads home Uruguay’s first goal

But after 75 minutes as England pressed Uruguay for the equalizer,Wayne got his first ever goal in the World Cup finals, as he  nicely tucked the ball home and it was all England for the next 10 minutes.

But then a long goal kick downfield and some terrible (make that pathetic) defending from England saw Louis Suarez get the ball and he hit the ball into the goal past Joe Hart from a narrow angle after 85 minutes – and it was just a terrible bit of schoolboy defending.

louis suarez second goal

Suarez smashes home the winner after 85 minutes 

England have now lost two games and conceded two goals against both Italy and Uruguay and once again they have massively under-performed on the World Stage.

This was the first-ever time in the World  finals that England have conceded two goals in successive games, and we just were simply not good enough, in spite of all the big names in the side.

And you have to go back to 1950 since we lost two successive World Cup final goals. – and that was when we humbled 1-0 by USA.

It was not good tonight in Sao Paulo.

In the last four World Cup tournaments, only one country has ever gone through from the group stage with 3 points – which is the most points England can get now – if we beat Costa Rica next Tuesday – with the emphasis being on if.

But an Italy – Costa Rica draw tomorrow will see both countries on 4 points, and England will be formally eliminated.

The England press were kind to England after a decent performance against Italy, but that will not be the case after tonight – but Wayne don’t blame Wayne Rooney, who was England’s best player on the night – and he was a little unlucky not to score more than one goal.

There will be an investigation of what went wrong with England – and then we will massively under-perform again in the next European Championships in two years time.

Now we just have to hope Newcastle United do really great next season.

At least Newcastle have won something as recent as 1969, whereas England have won nothing since that World Cup win in 1966 on home soil.

Now – if only Newcastle  can sign some top-class players for £5M or less – we could be in business. 😀

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