Newcastle Proving Their Transfer Policy Doesn’t Work

Newcastle are struggling in the transfer market this summer,  and it seems that Mike Ashley will not pay the going rate for Newcastle’s transfer targets, and the danger we see is that a number of clubs are starting to realize what Newcastle’s game is – and they are starting to get wise to Newcastle, who appear to be a miserly club when it comes to their transfer market dealings.

mike ashley

Mike Ashley – his transfer policy is like pulling teeth
It hurts

We’ve made a couple of good signings in young Ayoze Perez and Jack Colback, but pre-season will start up again around July 3rd – about two weeks time – and it would be good to have some new players in – like a couple of top strikers and a creative midfield player.

I had a talk with my son Neil yesterday –  and he’s more than a little upset at Mike Ashley – simply because Mike will not even pay out the going rate for the targets Newcastle have – so how can there be too much hope that we can get the players – like Remy Cabella – to Tyneside this summer?

If Newcastle were more ambitious we would have put in a decent bid for the 214 year-old this summer,  rather than go in with an offer of £6.5M – which is the same offer Montpellier turned down in January for their top winger.

And of course that hasn’t exactly made the Montpellier officials big fans of the way Newcastle carry out  their transfer business these days – and in a way we cannot blame them.

It’s just so painful for the fans the way things drag on and on in every transfer window.

And the difference from a year ago is that we have some big money available – if only Newcastle would spend it – and realize that you have to pay out decent money to get good players into the club.

And with Newcastle’s increasing financial position, the club should also be easier to sell – and there is good reason to believe the club can make around £50M in profit in the financial year that finishes at the end of this month.

Maybe that will persuade some Billionaire somewhere around the world,  to come in with a very good unsolicited offer to buy out Mike Ashley.

That would be great – especially if the new owner would be willing to spend some of that big money available to build a top team.

Now there’s a thought that has just cheered me up a lot. 😀

Whoops, hang on – not so fast – I just remembered England lost again last night – the great under-achievers. 🙁

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