Suarez Suspended For 9 Games And Four Months

FIFA have just announced that Louis Suarez has been suspended and fined for biting Italian center-back Giorgio Chiellini in the final group D game on Tuesday. Uruguay won the game 1-0, after Italy had been reduced to 10 men after Claudio Marchisio has been dismissed for a dangerous tackle – and in truth Suarez should have been sent off for biting Chiellini.

louis suarez chlellini

Louis Suarez about to bite an unsuspecting Italian footballer

FIFA announced that they had found evidence that Louis Suarez did bite Chiellini,  and he will be suspended for 9 International games, starting with Uruguay’s next game against Columbia – and he is out of the World Cup altogether.

He will not even be allowed to accompany the Uruguay team to any of the World Cup stadiums, and he has also been fined 100K Swiss Francs, which is about £66K and $112K.

The four months suspension is for all of football, and it looks like that will miss about nine Premier League games, if he is still at Liverpool at that time, with Barcelona having said they were interested in signing the striker.

And would you believe it, the first PL game he will be available for is against Newcastle at St. James’ Park on November 1st.

We suggested last night his suspension should be for the rest of the year – and that would have been another couple of months through to January 1st.

But this is a very serious offense indeed, at the biggest sporting event in the world (by far), with millions and millions of viewers watching around the world.

And it’s now the third time he has bitten an opponent in a game – and Suarez’ disciplinary record is just terrible and he’s also a very poor role model for kids.

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