Hamburg Confident Of Signing Lasogga Today

We had reported earlier today that news in Germany was that Hamburg had agreed a fee with Hertha Berlin for the transfer of German striker Pierre-Michel Lasogga, but local reports in Newcastle are now suggesting the Tyneside club were ready to make a £9M bid for the striker,  which is much more than the fee agreed with Hertha Berlin.

pierre michel lasogga-514

Pierre-Michel Lasogga – signing for Hertha Berlin

But if that’s the case why didn’t we put that bid in earlier, and not wait until now and give Hamburg time to reach a deal for the 22 year-old striker with the Berlin club?

But it seems in reading the tea leaves that Lasogga wanted to move to Hamburg, and was probably happier to play at the German club where he has finished an excellent season with 13 goals in 20 Bundesliga games.

This is what Hamburg’s Sporting Director Oliver Kreuzer has said:

“We are on the right track Hertha have come down in price a bit. But it’s possible that we can report the deal today.”

The news earlier today was that the price agreed was €8M – which is only about £6.4M – and that’s a lot less than the £9M Newcastle were (supposedly) about to bid.

It seems to us that Newcastle’s pursuit of the striker has not gone well – and it’s almost certain we will now miss out on one of our top striker targets.

The next striker target to go after is Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette, and the news yesterday was that Newcastle have already entered into negotiations for the player, but that new manager Hubert Fournier now wants to keep both Lacazette and Clement Grenier at the club for next season.

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Written while on vacation in Winchester, England.

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