Ben Arfa About To Lose His Shirt At Newcastle

The current number 10 at Newcastle is Hatem Ben Arfa, and he will be sold this summer before his contract runs out next June – so when the squad numbers are given out next week at Newcastle, we fully expect Siem de Jong – a natural number 10 – to be given that number.

ben arfa yellow stoke

Hatem Ben Arfa – about to lose his shirt

That’s unless of course Newcastle have somebody lined up who is a natural number 10 and (even) better than Siem – we suppose that’s always possible.

But we read the Chronicle article about maybe upsetting Ben Arfa if Siem was given the number 10 shirt, but from everything Alan Pardew has done and said this year – it seems he has given up on Hatem – and Ben Arfa wasn’t even on the bench for the last few games of the season.

Hatem is probably more upset about being shipped out this summer, than what shirt number he is given for the next seven weeks or so – or until he is sold.

It seems almost a certainty that the Frenchman will be moving out of the club, unless there is a 180 degrees shift by the manager in his opinion of the winger.

We would love for Hatem to stay on Tyneside, and that Pardew and the player patch things up between them, but with everything that’s happened this year it seems Pardew has simply given up on the mercurial winger, who was blessed with unbelievable football skills.

And Ben Arfa didn’t play the number 10 role at Newcastle very often at all – but was played out on the wing.

In short – it seems that Siem is the future of Newcastle and (unfortunately) Hatem is not.

That seems to be Alan Pardew’s thinking.

What do you think?

Written from Winchester, England.