Krul Was Fantastic – Why Does He Have To Defend Himself?

It seems the English press are trying to make our own Tim Krul feel badly about his heroics in the penalty shoot-out against Costa Rica, which will go down in the annals of the World Cup as a super successful move by coach Louis van Gaal.

tim krul saves from

Tim saves brilliantly from Umana to put the Dutch through

And maybe it’s the niceness of English people that is coming out – because when Tim told the penalty takers he knew which way they were going to go with their penalty kicks – that’s not nice.

But there’s nothing at all wrong with that – and Tim didn’t back down from those questions yesterday in a news conference at the Dutch Training camp:

“I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.” “I didn’t shout anything nasty at them. I just told them that I knew where they were going. I’m trying obviously to get in their heads and it worked yesterday.”

“It’s a way of trying to psyche them out. Obviously they are under massive pressure, I’m under massive pressure as well so I used everything in my power to make it happen and luckily enough, happy enough it happened.”

“I definitely think it had an impact, when I started my warm-up their whole bench was confused.”  “If you see their manager’s face when I came on, he was looking over at our manager, his face was priceless.”

“It was definitely one of those fantastic moves.”  “The manager and the goalie coach told me before the game that if we had a substitution left there was a possibility that they may use me in the penalty shootout,” 

“So obviously for me the whole game I was watching it with a different view because I knew the possibility was there.” “We have a plan before every game and I have my own style and I think it works.”

“I’m over the moon that I saved two penalties.”

We could see the Costa Rica manager was bemused when Tim Krul came on, and the obvious message to the Costa Rica team was here is our specialist goalkeeper coming on – and he can save penalty kicks.

But Tim saves as many penalties on Sunday night as he has in his Newcastle career –  two of  twenty penalties for Newcastle  – but it would have put doubts in the minds of the Costa Rica penalty takers – that was the plan.

That was also gamesmanship by Louis van Gaal.

There’s nothing wrong with what Tim Krul did as long as he didn’t over do it – and he didn’t.

But maybe the reaction of the English press is a clue to why our England football team never wins anything – maybe we are just too nice to win – because good winners have to be ruthless – and that’s a little un-English.

This is what Wayne Rooney said after England went out at the group stage:

“You look at teams who have won the tournament over previous years and you can see that nastiness in them,”  “I think we have to get that in us. As a team maybe we are too honest, I feel.”

“I think we have to get that in us. As a team maybe we are too honest, I feel.””You see a lot of the great teams, international and club teams, they have that,”  

“The time to slow the game down a bit or control the game a bit more.

We  would not say the English players were too honest – we would say they are just too nice.

You can be ruthless and want to win – but still be sporting  about it – just look the US football team – who played their hearts out and once again did better than the England team in the World Cup – and yet we all know (at the moment) their players are nowhere near as good.

We’ve always thought the English players were not strong enough mentally, and in the (very) big games it just seems to be too much for them – and that’s proved again and again – just in case people had any doubts.

But it wasn’t too much for a Newcastle United goalkeeper on Sunday night when almost literally – the whole world was watching him.

He was fantastic – well done Tim.

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