Cabella’s Move 90% There – Montpellier Manager

Montpellier manager Rolland Courbis, who doesn’t seem to have a high opinion of either Newcastle United or Newcastle upon Tyne (strange fellow) has admitted that Cabella’s move to Newcastle is already 90% complete.

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Rolland Courbis – Newcastle’s first offer ridiculous

Of course no deal is ever certain until the player actually signs on the dotted line, and even when everything has been agreed, the player can fail his medical.

That’s what happened with Demba Ba at Stoke City in January of 2011, before he went to West Ham that same month and then ended up at Newcastle in the summer as a free agent, after the Hammers were relegated.

This is what the Montpellier manager told RMC last night:

“It is 90% there, not yet 100%. It is not yet complete, but certainly on the way to getting there. Talks are ongoing, especially regarding bonus payments. I am not worried about it. Laurent and Louis Nicollin were right to reject their initial, vexing offer which was ridiculous.”

In truth Courbis is probably right to say our initial offer was far too low, for such a good player.

The French press are still reporting there is no agreement yet on Cabella’s wages, but Newcastle will be able to offer Remy a very attractive compensation package and much more than he;s currently getting at the French club, so we don’t see that as a problem.

We should have the player signed sometime on Monday – when he jets into Newcastle to take his medical and complete the deal.

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Written while on vacation in England.