Ashley Continues To Use Newcastle To Push Sports Direct

Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley is launching Sports Direct in both New Zealand and Australia – and isn’t it interesting that Newcastle United will be touring New Zealand next week – and we will not even mention that our first pre-season friendly game tonight just happens to be against Oldham Athletic at the newly named Park – formerly Boundary Park – and Sports Direct have bought the naming rights to the stadium for five years.

mike ashley cointemplating

Mike Ashley – Newcastle owner
So as well as having Sports Direct signs all over St. James Park for worldwide advertising,  the owner seems to be using Newcastle’s summer tours to help his business go worldwide.

Ashley’s company has signed a ­partnership deal with, which is a unit of online ­discount retailer MySale, and Sports Direct web-sites in Australia and New Zealand ­will be launched later this year.

The deal will give Sports Direct access to MySale’s 12M customers, and Sports Direct has a 4.8% ownership in the online group with ­Topshop and BHS (British Home Stores) owner Sir Philip Green holding about 22% of the ownership.

Sports Direct will also open three new stores in ­Australia and one new store in New Zealand later this year.

Ashley’s company will offer similar sportswear that they offer in the UK – and if Newcastle visit the US next summer – maybe Mike will be launching Sports Direct in the United Sates.

This is what Sports Direct chief executive Dave Forsey has said about the new venture:

“It will be great to enter the tremendous markets in Australia and New Zealand where sport is a way of life.”

There’s something wrong with using Newcastle United as a vehicle for launching the Sports Direct brand in different areas of the world.

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Written while on vacation in Newcastle, England.