Australia’s Manager Apologizes To Newcastle United

When Australian manager Ange Postecoglou announced his squad for the World Cup, it did not include Newcastle’s 21 year-old  center-back Curtis Good, who had not recovered from a hip injury he had picked up on March 4th, when he made his debut for Australia against Ecuador, and had a really good game according to the manager.

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Curtis Good – in action against Ecuador in early March

At the end of May this is what Postecoglou had said about Curtis:

“With Curtis we wanted to give him every chance,.” “To his credit he worked really hard and did everything the medical people wanted him to.” “But we sort of had a time line in our heads and we tested him out a few days ago and he just couldn’t get back up to where he wanted to.”

“So the wise decision for him was to send him back home and get him to sort out his injury once and for all.” “That’s just how highly I rate him.”

“The next World Cup’s four years away. I think Curtis as he showed against Ecuador, if fit, he could have played a significant role in this World Cup so I wanted to give him every chance.”

“One thing we do know is that is probably still hasn’t been correctly treated,” “Even when he was back in the UK his build-up in training was good, but it was only when he tried to get really top speed at the highest intensity that his body broke down.”

“So he had three or four failed attempts which suggests to me it’s probably something he needs to deal with, and his club needs to deal with, a little more urgently now to really find out what the problem is.”

It’s those last two paragraphs that suggest it was Newcastle’s fault that Curtis was not fit enough for the World Cup in Brazil.

Ange Postecoglou

Australian football manager Ange Postecoglou

Now Ange Postecoglou has made the following statement regarding Newcastle United and our promising young defender Curtis Good:

“On 27 May, 2014, at the press conference announcing the selection of the National Squad for the 2014 World Cup, I made some statements concerning the decision not to select Curtis Good because of injury.¨

“I have been told by Newcastle United Football Club that my statements might have been understood to suggest that the Club had not provided proper care and treatment to Curtis,  who as a result suffered the injury and prevented him from being selected.¨

“If so, I confirm that I did not intend to suggest that that was the case and wish to correct the public record now.”

It seems to us there has been contact between Newcastle United and Postecoglou and that the subsequent treatment of Curtis – he had an operation on his hip which he is now recovering from – clears Newcastle of any blame in the initial treatment they gave the youngster.

And it seems that Newcastle may have asked the Australian manager to issue the above statement for clarification purposes.

It did definitely seem  – as we reported at the time – that he was putting the responsibility for Curtis missing the World Cup  on the treatment of the center-back by Newcastle’s medical team – and that seems not to have been the case.

Well at least that’s now been cleared up.

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