Ben Arfa Will Move To A Bigger Club

The relationship between Hatem Ben Arfa and Newcastle manager Alan Pardew seems to have broken down irretrievably, and that means there is no future for Ben Arfa at Newcastle United, and he will be at some other club by September.

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Ben Arfa – will move to a Champions League club

And there was recent news that AC Milan are interested in taking the French International winger, although with his contract running out next summer, Ben Arfa is likely to leave Newcastle on loan for the season, and then he will become a free agent next summer.

Newcastle will want to get a fee for the player via a permanent move, but Ben Arfa has every right to bide his time until next summer,  when he can get a better deal for himself with no transfer fee involved.

That’s especially true because of the conflict that exists between him and the manager at the moment, and his Newcastle departure is very similar to the circumstances he left Marseilles four years ago when he moved to Newcastle, when he had then fallen out with then manager Didier Deschamps.

What’s that about history keeps repeating itself if you don’t learn from your mistakes?

AC Milan are on the lookout for a left winger, and Ben Arfa could fit the bill for them, and news today that Liverpool are interested in him.

But if he does move permanently, then  exactly what fee Newcastle would receive for him is a good question – but we’d be surprised if it’s much more than £4M – given the Magpies are trying to unload him this summer.

Ben Arfa is being treated like a pariah at the Tyneside club at the moment, and for his own good he should be playing at some other club come September, and we think it will be a Champions League club he finally ends up at.

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