Ben Arfa’s Agent Blasts Pardew

Given Ben Arfa’s current situation,  where there seems to be a feud going on between the player and the Newcastle manager Alan Pardew, we would half expect Ben Arfa to try to see the last year out of his five year contract on Tyneside and become a free agent next summer.

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Ben Arfa – his agent is furious with Pardew

We had hoped earlier in the summer that Alan Pardew and Hatem Ben Arfa would let bygones be bygones – but the opposite happened and Pardew fined Ben Arfa for being overweight, when he returned from his summer break.

But his agent Michel Ouazine has told So that he went on vacation with a personal trainer – and it seems Ouazine is not at all happy with the way the Newcastle manager has treated his client:

“We don’t know what the problem is. Pardew in the past has said Hatem was extraordinary.” “Hatem has done everything for Newcastle, every effort has been made ??to discuss the problem.

¨We are in a situation where there doesn’t seem to be a solution.” “He is simply doing his job: he trains well, he enjoys training with the reserves where he has a great coach in Peter Beardsley.”

“The fine for being overweight was unfair and humiliating. We will challenge the fine. We asked Newcastle to give us the player’s physical records.” “Hatem went on vacation with a personal trainer.”

¨He has worked to prepare for this season. That 1.5 kg? Yes, it is a pound of muscle and 500 grams of fat.” “He lost 2% body fat. We therefore challenge the fine.”

“Hatem doesn’t have to leave.” “He can go on a free after his contract is over – six months, or a year, this is not a problem. Who knows how long Pardew will be at Newcastle.”

“In two months, he may not be here. Hatem loves this club, he is idolised by fans.” “Hatem remains professional and is working hard. He prefers a return to Lyon, but it is not economically feasible.”

”Lyon is his first club, so there is a level of attachment. He loves Bernard Lacombe. However, for me, it is very difficult financially – Newcastle want a lot of money for Hatem.”

Ouazine is right to see that Ben Arfa’s career could be quickly rekindled at Newcastle,  if Pardew is fired – but bringing that possibility up will hardly make this current situation any better.

But it’s hard to know what to think about the situation that now exists between Pardew and Ben Arfa.

That’s because we don’t know exactly what has happened – just what’s been reported in the papers – but we’ve got to think that Ben Arfa, with all his skill and creativity when he’s at his best, can still do a job for Newcastle.

That’s if he gets his head down and works hard in both training and during the games.

But it seems it’s a feud going on with the manager – and that’s not good for the manager, the player or Newcastle United.

What do you think?

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